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Think Tank: Ukraine Aid Delay Increasing Civilians Deaths

More civilians died across Ukraine Sunday as analysts warned that delays in U.S. military assistance would see Kyiv struggle to fight off Russian offensives.One man was Sunday killed after a Russian drone hit the truck he was driving in the Sumy r…

Trump Has Transformed the GOP All the Way Down

Salleigh Grubbs went from “keyboard warrior” to local GOP chair. She’s not the only one.

AP Tries to Explain Why Noncitizen Voting is No Big Deal

Another Real Pink Tax

Tariffs on women’s clothes are, on average, higher than tariffs on men’s clothes.

I Think I'm Going to Pass on 'Civil War'

Progressives want to cut military aid to Israel. Here are the options.

More Democrats want to sever aid to Israel over its conduct in Gaza, but Congress has little say in the matter.

Giuliani to Newsmax: US Missing 'Historic Opportunity' Against Iran

The United States is missing a "historic opportunity" to take out Iran's nuclear facilities while it ramps up its aggression against Israel, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Saturday night on Newsmax after Iran sent a barrage of drone…

Kansas governor vetoes a ban on gender-affirming care; GOP vows override

The bill would ban hormone therapy, puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery for people under 18. A potential override vote has a slim margin for victory.

Queen of the Gender Crits

J.K. Rowling’s scathingly effective takedown of Scotland’s Hate Crime and Public Order Act has been a wonder to behold.

The Prophet of October 7?

Frantz Fanon’s defenders try to distance him from the of ethos of violence he advocated, even as they embrace his anti-colonialist rhetoric to promote anti-Zionism.

Supreme Court to weigh if Jan. 6 rioters can be charged with obstruction

The justices on Tuesday will hear argument on whether prosecutors improperly stretched the law by charging hundreds with obstruction of an official proceeding.

Iran launches massive drone and missile attack against Israel

The military warned citizens to brace for an attack of undetermined scale, as combat aircraft filled the sky over much of Israel.

Evangelicals are fed up with the House GOP’s Israel aid holdouts

Christians United For Israel is mobilizing Evangelicals to lobby Speaker Mike Johnson and other House Republicans to secure more U.S. aid for the Jewish state.

Jan. 6 Obstruction Case at Supreme Court Could Help Trump and Many Others

The justices will hear arguments on Tuesday in a case that could alter hundreds of prosecutions for the assault on the Capitol and help define its meaning.

Iran's Revenge Is ... Seizing a Container Ship?

Trump makes major endorsement in crucial Senate race in key battleground state

Former President Trump backs GOP Senate candidate Dave McCormick in Pennsylvania's race, a key contest that will decide if the GOP wins back the majority

The End of an Academic Illusion

Standardized-test requirements make a comeback at Harvard, which follows Dartmouth, Yale, and MIT in jumping off a disastrously rickety bandwagon.

Matt Gaetz Is Winning

But what’s the prize he’s after?

The Girl Who Hugged Trump In Atlanta Is a Treasure

O.J. Simpson, the White Bronco and America

The arrival of the reality TV industry began on June 17, 1994. That's the date of the infamous slow-speed chase with O.J. Simpson in a white Ford Bronco on a California highway.

Election Workers Face Flood of Threats, but Charges Are Few

The Justice Department has a task force focused on the thousands of threats against state and local officials who oversee voting, but most are protected by the First Amendment.

Desire and Ambition

Today, most of John Braine’s work is out of print and forgotten. But he was an underrated writer, unafraid to confront the complexities of masculine sexuality with terse precision, self-deprecation, and emotional candour.

Expert warns of 'chilling reality' TikTok threat poses: 'China's greatest asymmetric advantage'

China expert Michael Sobolik spoke with Fox News Digital about the threat TikTok poses to the United States, which he wrote about in his book 'Countering China’s Great Game.'

Biden Seeks to Head Off Escalation After Israel’s Successful Defense

The president told Israel that the interception of nearly all of the Iranian drones and missiles used to attack it constituted a major victory, and so further retaliation may not be necessary, U.S. officials said.

Yes, the Cost of Owning a Home Is Soaring

In 99 percent of 575 U.S. counties, home prices are beyond the reach of the average income earner.

Supreme Court to debate 'sleeper' case that could affect Trump federal prosecution

How the U.S. Supreme Court decides the fate of an obscure Capitol riot defendant will have immediate implications for the former and perhaps future president.

The notable legal clouds that continue to hang over Donald Trump

All eyes are on former President Donald Trump, who has launched another White House bid.

Everything you need to know about Biden's student loan forgiveness program

President Joe Biden's federal student loan forgiveness program, which promises to deliver up to $20,000 of debt relief for millions of borrowers, is on hold indefinitely as legal challenges work their way through the courts.

As Trump Ponders V.P. Contenders, He Asks: Can They Help Me Raise Cash?

Donald Trump’s concerns about money may have entered his vice-presidential calculations, along with political considerations and which contenders he likes the look of.

House to focus just on Israel, Iran next week

Steve Scalise, House Majority Leader, shares exclusively with Fox News that next week's legislative docket will be shifted to focus solely on Israel and Iran.

The UC’s Corner-Office Revolutionary

In a new memoir, a former academic administrator explains how she led the ideological campaign to enshrine DEI as a ‘core mission’ at the University of California.

The Trump Two-Step

Once you recognize the pattern, you’ll see it everywhere.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks to CNN's Christiane Amanpour about former President Donald Trump's abortion comments.

The RFK-Curious Women of Bucks County

What I heard from some crucial voters who are far from happy about their choice of presidential candidates

MBD: Let’s Face It, Arizona Republicans Look Like Cowards

The Arizona GOP seems to be avoiding stances on a sweeping 1864 law that outlaws abortion in the state.

Four Years Out, Some Voters Look Back at Trump’s Presidency More Positively

A new poll by The New York Times and Siena College finds that voters think highly of the former president’s record on the economy, but memories of his divisiveness largely remain intact.

In Final Rally Before New York Trial, Trump Again Casts Himself as Political Victim

Campaigning in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Donald J. Trump once more falsely asserted that his criminal charges were an attempt by Democrats to keep him from the White House.

The National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby talks to CNN's Jake Tapper on State of the Union about Iran's unprecedented retaliatory strikes on Israel.

How Kyrsten Sinema's decision makes Democrats' 2024 Senate map tighter

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema decided to shake up the political world on Friday by becoming an independent. The former Democrat is still caucusing with the party in the Senate, so the Democratic caucus still has 51 members. Now, instead of 49 Democr…

What Are the Stakes of 'Civil War,' Really?

Ahead of the release of Civil War, the new alt-history action-drama from the director Alex Garland, A24, the studio that

Rep. Zinke to Newsmax: Mideast Conflict No Longer 'Surrogate' War

Following Iran's drone attacks on Israel early Sunday morning, Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Mont., told Newsmax that the conflict in the Middle East was no longer isolated to Israel.

How Free-Market Fundamentalists Go Off the Rails

@SenMarcoRubio: It seems my recent articles on industrial policy in @PostOpinions and @NationalAffairs have ruffled some feathers. @JonahDispatch @veroderugy @ericboehm87 @cpgrabow A short 🧵 on how free-market funda......

Iran Declares War on Israel. Biden Will (Mostly) Sit This Out

Jill Biden to LGBTQ Activists: Trump is a Bully, You Know

The Delta Variant

John Landis’s 1978 comedy classic ‘Animal House’ is a time capsule from an era when humor and campus politics were very different.

Germany: Deindustrialization Watch

The German company ThyssenKrupp has struggled for a while and is now facing major production cutbacks.

Ro Khanna Wants to Be the Future of the Democratic Party

Khanna, a congressman who represents Silicon Valley, sees himself as a bridge between America’s faded industrial might and its digital future.

Right-Wing Media Are in Trouble

The flow of traffic to Donald Trump’s most loyal digital-media boosters isn’t just slowing; it’s utterly collapsing.

New Yorkers weigh in on whether they could be impartial jurors in Trump trial

Jury selection is slated to start Monday in the long awaited hush money trail. We asked New Yorkers how they’d fare being on the jury. Could they be impartial in judging the former President?

Dana White, Donald Trump and the Rise of Cage-Match Politics

White, chief executive of the bloody and beloved Ultimate Fighting Championship, has shot to the peak of Trump-era culture and political influence. What does he want?

Double Standards in the Gender Debate

Butler’s latest book is leftist political propaganda masquerading as the dispassionate work of an academic.

After months of struggle, President Biden is pulling even with Trump in polls, aided by several factors in the news. So, asks CNN's Michael Smerconish, does Biden now have "The Big Mo" - momentum?

Kentucky Strips Dem Governor of Senate Appointment Powers

Politics of the Day

Politics of the Day

White House says US support for Israel is 'ironclad,' will 'support their defense' amid Iran attack

The White House said the United States' support for Israel's security is “ironclad" and vowed to stand with the Jewish state and “support their defense" against threats from Iran.

News Orgs Urge Presidential Campaigns to Commit to Debates

Twelve news organizations on Sunday urged presumptive presidential nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump to agree to debates, saying they were a "rich tradition" that have been part of every general election campaign since 1976.

Biden Tells Netanyahu It's a 'Win,' Won't Back Retaliation

U.S. President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a phone call on Saturday that Washington will not support an Israeli retaliatory attack for Iran's drone and missile assault on the Jewish state, Axios reported.

CNN Political Briefing

The political news you need to know, in 10 minutes or less. Hosted by David Chalian.

Biden lawsuit 'subverting states rights' to regulate abortion heads to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will consider another abortion case dealing with claims by a Republican-led state that the Biden administration is attempting to use a federal law as an "abortion mandate."

Iran's Supreme Leader Has Crossed an Israeli Red Line

After years of using its terrorist proxies to strike Israelis, the Islamic Republic of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei launched a direct attack Saturday against the Jewish state.

Six House seats that could flip from blue to red in 2024, potentially giving GOP a bigger majority

A handful of House seats currently held by Democrats could flip in the 2024 elections, giving Republicans the ability to expand their slim majority in the chamber.

Remind Me Never to Go Fishing near Pikelot Atoll

Stranded men on Pikelot Atoll were rescued.

Trump endorses a Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate he once condemned

In a rally Saturday night, Donald Trump endorsed Dave McCormick, the Republican trying to unseat Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.

Los Angeles in hot water over for spending hundreds of millions on worsening homeless crisis

Los Angeles moves to audit its homeless programs as state rolls out audit of top-down look at state discrepancies of tracking how funds on homelessness are spent.

A Study in Senate Cowardice

Republicans like Rob Portman could have ended Donald Trump’s political career. They chose not to.

G7 Leaders Convene Via Video Call on Response to Iran

Italy, which holds the rotating presidency of the G7, has called a video meeting of G7 leaders Sunday to discuss Iran's attack on Israel late Saturday.

Lawmaker Presses Luxury Designer After Reports of Exploiting Indigenous Workers

A freshman congressman is demanding answers from the fashion house Loro Piana, which sources wool from his native Peru and faces accusations of exploiting workers there.

Chaos in California: Migrant Boat Landings Surge Along the Coast

Don Wright, Editorial Cartoonist With a Skewer for a Pen, Dies at 90

He won two Pulitzers for Florida newspapers, commenting wryly on war, segregation, church scandals and more while reaching readers nationwide through syndication.

On Eve of Hush Money Trial, Trump Is All Talk

Trump's first criminal trial is set to start Monday in New York, and he's showing the world just how chicken he is.

David Friedman to Newsmax: Israel Must Press US on Iran Funding

The United States and Israel have been at odds under the Biden administration - and Israel "needs to ask, 'are you still going to fund Iran' after its missile attack on Israel, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman told Newsmax.

California's green agenda is targeting every mode of transportation, despite wide opposition

California is rapidly advancing regulations targeting the transportation sector and designed to greatly reduce emissions as part of the state's green agenda.

Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres Hits Media Over Anti-Israel Bias

Rep. Ritchie Torres is slamming the media as engaging in anti-Israel bias, stating that many have "dismissed Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel as 'limited.'"

Do Voters Care About Policy Even a Little?

Joe Biden turned one of the highest-polling ideas in politics into reality. Few voters have even noticed.

The Inevitable Result of Intersectional Gender Studies

Professors dare not mention the anti-feminist terrorist regime currently governing Palestinian women.

Trump’s hush money trial strategy: Deny, delay and denigrate

Donald Trump braces to go on trial in New York on Monday, after his legal team tried everything it could think of to delay and criticize the proceedings.

The Dexter Reed Case

The fundamental problem here was that Reed had a gun and used it. 

Dershowitz: Use This to Topple Iran Regime

Rather than working to narrow the tensions between Israel and Iran, Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Saturday that the United States and Israel have an opportunity to bring about regime change and end the violence in …

Inside Donald Trump’s Embrace of the Jan. 6 Rioters

The former president initially disavowed the attack on the Capitol, but he is now making it a centerpiece of his general election campaign.

Mike Pence pushes a post-Trump path for conservatives and GOP

The former vice president, who decided not to endorse his old running mate, believes many in the conservative movement have lost their way to populism.

Why Iran's Strike on Israel Could Start an Escalation Spiral

A tense regional situation is becoming even more fraught. And this is not a low-cost scenario for the U.S.

Minneapolis Backpedals on Uber/Lyft Attack

The Connection between CHIPS and Solyndra Is Stronger Than You Might Think

13 years after the government wasted $500 million of the Solyndra boondoggle, the federal government is giving more than ten times as much to a company led by Solyndra’s former CEO.

Trump addresses Iran attack on Israel at Pennsylvania rally: 'Would not have happened if we were in office'

Former President Trump addressed supporters and the Iranian attack on Israel during his Pennsylvania rally, saying it would have never happened if he was president.

Dana White, Trump & the Rise of Cage-Match Politics

White, chief executive of the bloody and beloved Ultimate Fighting Championship, has shot to the peak of Trump-era culture and political influence. What does he want?

Trump’s Shoot-the-Moon Legal Strategy

Attacking the judges handling his cases is likely to backfire. But if it works, it will really work.

Tennessee Tries to Make 1st Cousin Marriage Illegal

Reflections on the Eclipse

In the modern world, it is easy to forget our connection to celestial objects and how important that connection has been throughout human history. 

Chickens Coming Home To Roost for NPR and NYT

Just 32% of Americans say they trust the media a great deal or a fair amount, according to Gallup, which says the number matches a historic low.

How Trump Is Dividing Minority Voters

And why it could propel him to a second term

Fox News and other news outlets urge presidential candidates to ‘publicly commit’ to debates

Twelve national news organizations released a joint statement urging the presumptive presidential nominees to “publicly commit" to participating in general election debates.

Jean-Luc Godard in Retrospect Part I: Abstraction Hero (1930–65)

A brief five-year period produced nearly all the Godard movies that film aficionados still remember, but even these celebrated works have dated poorly.

Meet the woman steering Biden's bipartisan winning streak on Capitol Hill

The Biden administration managed to rack up a long list of major legislative wins in its first two years despite facing one of the most closely-divided Congresses in history. From bipartisan action on infrastructure, gun safety and same-sex marria…

The Axe Files with David Axelrod

Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics.

Our Last Great Adventure

My husband, Richard Goodwin, drafted landmark speeches for JFK and LBJ. Late in life, we dived into his archives, searching for vivid traces of our hopeful youth.

Lawmakers send message to White House on impending Iran drone attack to Israel: 'Stand firm'

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle reacted to the news that Iran launched drones towards Israel, calling for the White House to "stand with Israel."

Trump: 'Everybody Knows' Israel Wouldn't Be Attacked if I Was in Office

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told Pennsylvania voters, as missiles and hundreds of drones were launched by Iran and its terrorist proxies, Israel would not have been attacked by Hamas nor Iran if he had remained in the …

The Danger of Self-Induced National-Security Crises Intensifies

How could we even consider blinding ourselves in a time of profound national-security peril?

Kristi Noem, South Dakota Governor and Trump VP Contender, Is Barred by Tribes

The tribes barred the Republican governor from their reservations after she told lawmakers that Mexican drug cartels had a foothold there and were committing murders.

Voters think the nation is going off rails — just not in their state

There is a strange chasm between how voters perceive their own state vs. the nation. That could play out in how they cast ballots in November.

Cuba’s Imprisoned Truth

An interview with the father of Cuban political prisoner Walnier Luis Aguilar Rivera.

How Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake has shifted her abortion stance

Kari Lake, who’s closely aligned with Donald Trump, has been striking a different tone on reproductive rights as the issue becomes increasingly visible.

Is Texas About to Turn Latinos Into Single-Issue Voters?

Its new immigration law resembles other “show me your papers” measures that cost the GOP Latino voters.

The Ideological Monoculture of Higher Education

People used to think of college as a place for the vibrant exchange of ideas, but these days, it’s more like the incessant elaboration of one idea.

Margins of Error

Look closely at almost anything and you'll find data—lots of it. But what are those numbers really saying about who we are and what we believe? Harry Enten is on a mission to find out.

Beware Cultural Drift

Thoughts on modernity’s monoculture mistake.

Rebranding DEI: How Colleges Are Getting Around State Bans

State Dept. Is Sending Its Top Diplomat for East Asia to China

The announcement comes days after President Biden met jointly with the leaders of Japan and the Philippines to discuss Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

Small-time investors in Trump’s Truth Social reckon with stock collapse

Trump Media shareholders have voiced doubt and fury over the company’s plunging price. Some said they had invested thousands to show Trump their faith and support.

Speaker Johnson Urges Strong US Support Amidst Iran-Israel War

Amidst the Iranian attack on Israel, House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., has emphasized the imperative of unwavering American support for the embattled Middle Eastern nation, asserting the need for resolute action against Iran's aggressive actions.

Graham Linehan Was Right About Gender Ideology: Quillette Cetera Episode 33

The cancelled comedy writer joins Zoe in the studio to talk about his new memoir.

Latest Section 702 Compromise

A necessary resolution. Will it result in improvement of how the government does intelligence collection?

The fine print of the Respect for Marriage Act

Let's start with the positive: Republicans and Democrats are coming together to protect same-sex marriage from the Supreme Court.

Under Attila’s Gaze

In the ninth instalment of ‘The So-Called Dark Ages,’ Herbert Bushman describes a Roman diplomat’s famous fifth-century journey into the heart of Hunnic territory.

Trump Endorses McCormick for Senate in Pennsylvania

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Senate candidate David McCormick of Pennsylvania on Saturday, urging his supporters in the state to "go out and vote for him" in one of the year's most hotly contested Senate races.

Kansas Ban on Child Trans Procedures Hits the Veto Wall