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Biden's Border Failure a Staggering Political Own Goal

Donald Trump is on track to complete one of the greatest comebacks in American political history - and Biden's border failure has largely helped the former president.

The Overlooked (But Real) Possibility of a Big Democratic Win

Both moderates and progressives are pushing the Biden campaign to get more ambitious.

U.S. Pier for Gaza Aid Is Failing, and Could Be Dismantled Early

Officials hope a looming deadline will pressure Israel to open more land routes into the territory, which is facing extreme levels of hunger.

Seattle Is Masking Again!

Gavin Newsom Wants to Be an Emperor

This is who Gavin Newsom wants to be: a man who so shapes the course of history that citizens see him as the god-like creator of the world they live in.

WaPo Eats Its Own

‘This is not the first time where the Washington Post has tried to eat its own.’

Trump-Backed McGuire Leads Rep. Bob Good in Race Too Close to Call

One of America's most conservative congressmen was locked in a tight renomination battle against an opponent endorsed by former President Donald Trump in Virginia's primary election Tuesday.

How Biden’s New Immigration Policy Works

The new policy will give some 500,000 people a pathway to citizenship.

How Marco Rubio went from rival to one of Donald Trump’s VP finalists

Rubio is a finalist to be Trump’s running mate, the culmination of a years-long shift that has stunned and disappointed some of the senator’s former associates.

CNN Political Briefing

The political news you need to know, in 10 minutes or less. Hosted by David Chalian.

Anthony Fauci on Becoming a Hero - and a Villain

Exclusive: At 83, the public-health doc at the center of battles against diseases from AIDS to Zika weighs in on COVID-19, and Donald Trump.

What Donald Trump Learned From Don King

The decades-long friendship of two men who never especially changed.

Dems: Texas May Lose Billions Over Abbott's Title IX Directive

Congressional Democrats warned a Texas state education board that the state's colleges and universities risk losing billions in federal funding should they ignore a new federal rule that changes Title IX to include discrimination based on sexual o…

Nancy Pelosi Meets With Dalai Lama, Despite China’s Criticism

The former House speaker joined a congressional delegation that met with the Tibetan spiritual leader at his home in India. China calls him a separatist.

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton tells CNN's Jake Tapper that "anyone who commits acts of violence" should be prosecuted but suggests that some January 6 defendants should be pardoned.

Trump impeachment tie vaults Democrat to victory in Virginia’s 7th

Welcome to NYC's 'Strip of Despair'

I Don't Want to Get Anyone's Hopes Up, But...THERE'S BEEN TALK

Are Tariffs a Tax on Americans?


Virginia state Sen. Suhas Subramanyam has won the Democratic House primary in the race for Virginia’s...

Ron DeSantis Wins Another Argument

While Gavin Newsom tries to catch up.

Putin & Kim on Mission To Cement New World Order

Kim enjoys the recognition. Putin's war, meanwhile needs North Korean weapons. It's a dangerous alliance, says Simon Tisdall, the Observer's Foreign Affairs Commentator

Lawsuits Challenge EPA Rule on Heavy-Duty Truck Emissions

A coalition of organizations representing the petroleum, biofuel, farming, and independent trucking industries have joined in filing federal lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding restrictive pollution standards on he…

J. D. Vance Makes His VP Pitch

The Millennial Republican senator knows exactly where his party is headed.

Abbott Increases Reward for Information on Juneteenth Shooting

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is offering up to $10,000 as a reward for information regarding a fatal shooting at a Juneteenth celebration over the weekend.

In Defence of John Money

How did this famed sexologist become reviled at both ends of the culture-war horseshoe?

The Most Consequential TV Show in History

A new book about The Apprentice reveals how the 45th president was shaped by tawdry reality-TV culture.

Trump Wasn’t Going to Stay in Milwaukee for the Republican Convention

The Republican convention will be held in swing-state Wisconsin’s largest city. The nominee, however, had planned to stay in his own hotel in Chicago, before members of the media began inquiring.

Donald Trump’s Message to Milwaukee

“Milwaukee, where we are having our convention, is a horrible city,” the former president reportedly told congressional Republicans.

Biden Immigration Policies Slammed on Both Sides

President Joe Biden's immigration policies are facing lawsuits from both sides of the issue, with both the Trump-aligned America First Legal and the American Civil Liberties Union vowing to take action against different parts of his recently annou…

And Down Goes Fisker

DC Bar moves to suspend Hunter Biden’s law license after felony conviction

A disciplinary counsel in DC moved to suspend Hunter Biden's law license following his conviction on three felony charges in Delaware earlier this month.

Ruth Bader Biden

No matter the obstacles that Donald Trump creates for himself, Joe Biden’s candidacy remains an existentially risky, perhaps disastrous, proposition.

Something Is Wrong

It is time for leftists to forego ideology and embrace a people-centred politics.

Everything you need to know about Biden's student loan forgiveness program

President Joe Biden's federal student loan forgiveness program, which promises to deliver up to $20,000 of debt relief for millions of borrowers, is on hold indefinitely as legal challenges work their way through the courts.

With an estimated 89 percent of votes counted, the race for the GOP nomination in Virginia’s...

Too Much Chocolate

Fifty years of Robert Cormier’s “classic” young-adult novel is more than enough.

Meet the woman steering Biden's bipartisan winning streak on Capitol Hill

The Biden administration managed to rack up a long list of major legislative wins in its first two years despite facing one of the most closely-divided Congresses in history. From bipartisan action on infrastructure, gun safety and same-sex marria…

Journalists Shouldn’t Depend on the State for Their Wages

More than a third of many Canadian journalists’ salaries are now effectively being paid by Justin Trudeau’s government—an arrangement that’s created an obvious conflict of interest.

Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy, speaks to Fareed about how AI can revolutionize the education system, and why he doesn't think it will put teachers out of a job: "Like all technology, it amplifies human intent."

What Trump’s Total GOP Control Means Next

Republicans’ denunciations of a “rigged” trial have ushered in a dangerous new era of absolute loyalty to the leader.

The notable legal clouds that continue to hang over Donald Trump

All eyes are on former President Donald Trump, who has launched another White House bid.

Legal experts say gag order in Trump case is 'untethered' to 'rationale' after court order

Legal experts say the gag order against former President Trump is "untethered" to "rationale" after his unprecedented criminal trial in New York.

About that Shocking Iowa Poll

Paul Bondar, the self-funding primary challenger who lost to Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) on Tuesday night,...

Political Scientists Want to Know Why We Hate Each Other

Who among us are the most willing to jettison democratic elections? Which voters not only detest their political adversaries, but

Courage and Self-Care

Why are we encouraged to applaud the bravery of those who quit under pressure?

Politics of the Day

Politics of the Day

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy tells CNN's Jake Tapper he believes the Supreme Court is "readying to fundamentally rewrite the Second Amendment."

Biden's Pier in Gaza Has Been a Complete Failure

How Kyrsten Sinema's decision makes Democrats' 2024 Senate map tighter

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema decided to shake up the political world on Friday by becoming an independent. The former Democrat is still caucusing with the party in the Senate, so the Democratic caucus still has 51 members. Now, instead of 49 Democr…

Former Green Beret projected to get GOP nod in critical Virginia swing district

Pelosi's Political Expiration Date Has Come and Gone

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Apologizes for Quality and Safety Issues at Senate Hearing

Confronted by families of those killed on two flights, Dave Calhoun, Boeing’s chief executive, apologized for “the grief that we have caused.”

Sen. Grassley to Newsmax: Boeing Owes Taxpayer Explanation

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said that with regard to the alleged suicide of two company whistleblowers and the mishaps with door panels flying off planes mid-flight, airplane manufacturer Boeing owes an explanation to the taxpayers.

Trump VP hopeful proves he can tap into billionaire GOP donors

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, a top ally and potential running mate of former President Trump, is making the case for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

The fine print of the Respect for Marriage Act

Let's start with the positive: Republicans and Democrats are coming together to protect same-sex marriage from the Supreme Court.

The Road to Neo-Feudalism

Western societies stand on the brink of a great reversion towards a demographically and economically stagnant society reminiscent of the Dark Ages.

The Most Dangerous Bias in Today’s America

It’s the one that stops people from hearing the good news.

Early projected wins and tight races in Virginia and Oklahoma primaries

Live updates from the 2024 campaign trail, with the latest news on presidential candidates, polls, primaries and more.

Congress is probably getting another Donald Trump loyalist with Brian Jack’s victory Tuesday night in the...

Trump Rants About Sharks, and Everyone Just Pretends It’s Normal

Par for the course. Trump is Trump. But imagine the response if Joe Biden had said it.

The Biden Campaign’s Losing Battle

Beating up on the media is Trumpian and ineffective.

On Immigration, Biden Attempts to Replicate a Powerful Obama Moment

The president’s announcement to expand legal protections for some undocumented spouses of American citizens evoked Barack Obama’s move to help young immigrants in 2012.

Newsom seeks to restrict students' cellphone use in schools: 'Harming the mental health of our youth'

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday he wants to limit students' smartphone use during the school day over its impact on their mental health.

The Resistance Sequel Will Be Even Worse

Like the Bourbons of old, progressive Democrats have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

'Political pandering': GOP lawmakers rip Biden's 'mass amnesty' order as election-year ploy

Republican lawmakers are criticizing the Biden administration for a plan to grant "mass amnesty" to migrant spouses of U.S. citizens.

Freeze Frame

Did Biden look this way and need this kind of guidance ten, or five, years ago?

Podcast #238: Supporting Trans People Without Denying the Facts of Biology

Quillette podcast host Jonathan Kay talks to Duke University law school professor (and former US National Collegiate athletic champion) Doriane Lambelet Coleman about her new book, ‘On Sex and Gender: A Commonsense Approach.’

This Is Why China Hasn't Cracked Down on Fentanyl Precursors

Sen. Paul to Newsmax: Fauci Lied on 'Rachel Maddow Show'

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci during an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday, accusing him of lying about the nature of research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) while he appeared on "The Rachel Maddow Show."

Brandon Johnson’s Newest Idea to Fix Chicago: Reparations for Slavery

It is sure to bridge divides and not, say, completely implode the tax base.

Trump and McCarthy sought revenge against top House conservative, but GOP primary too close to call

House Freedom Caucus chair Bob Good trails by less than 400 votes against a Virginia GOP primary challenger backed by former President Trump and Kevin McCarthy.

Juneteenth Is Our Second Independence Day

On June 19, 1865, Union soldiers arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas, and freed the last enslaved people in the Confederacy. When we celebrate their freedom, we celebrate America itself.

CBO: National Debt Will Pass $50 Trillion in 10 Years

RFK Jr. Faces Midnight Deadline to Qualify for CNN Debate

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr has less than 24 hours to qualify for the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle, and a complaint filed with the hamstrung U.S. agency that oversees election policy might be his only hope.

Democrat who nabbed Wexton’s endorsement projected to win nomination in Virginia’s 10th

The Axe Files with David Axelrod

Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics.

U.S. Debt on Pace to Top $56 Trillion Over Next 10 Years

Congressional Budget Office projections released on Tuesday show a grim fiscal backdrop ahead of tax and debt limit fights.

Mitch Daniels Isn’t Done Yet

The former Indiana governor and Purdue University president is still trying to help America, now more as ‘prophet’ than as ‘hero.’

Rep. Harris to Newsmax: Biden's Border Moves Endanger Americans

President Joe Biden's order allowing an easier pathway to citizenship for people married to a U.S. citizen came just days after the arrest of an immigrant in connection with the 2023 rape and murder of a Maryland mother of five, and Rep. Andy Harr…

Suhas Subramanyam Wins Democratic House Primary in Virginia

Suhas Subramanyam had the endorsement of Representative Jennifer Wexton, who is retiring.

Will Scharf to Newsmax: Stunning How Dems Say Biden's Health Is OK

Will Scharf, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Friday that despite their best efforts, Democrats cannot convince Americans that President Joe Biden's health is not in decline.

Fauci: Okay... Keeping the Schools Closed Was Probably a Mistake

Draft Auto-Enrollment Makes Sense

A pay raise favoring the enlisted, an update to how we register American men for the draft, and material upgrades to barracks would be wins enough. 

Amnesties All the Way Down

The Biden administration’s latest executive diktat would give work permits and Social Security numbers to an estimated half a million individuals.

Tight Virginia GOP contest between Bob Good and John McGuire too close to call

The Republican primary race in Virginia's 5th Congressional District between House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good and state Sen. John McGuire was too close to call.

A Different Way of Doing Atheism

Indian philosophical traditions such as Nāstika and Nirīśvaravāda offer the West’s angry ‘neo-atheists’ a more nuanced model for channelling their religious disbelief.

Brian Jack, a former top adviser to President Donald Trump, is the projected winner of the...

Podcast #239: Justin Trudeau’s Ominous Online Harms Act: ‘Minority Report’ Comes to Canada

Jonathan Kay talks to Atlantic Magazine staff writer Conor Friedersdorf about a censorious government bill that would allow officials to investigate Canadians for things they haven’t done yet.

You Can't Explain Away Biden's Juneteenth Moment

The White House will not be able to say

Let’s Talk About Trump’s Gibberish

What the former president’s shark tirade says about American politics and media

Biden team argues that all unflattering videos of him are fake, but that’s not true

Team Biden has been working overtime to brush off video that's renewed questions of the president's mental acuity – questions they can't expect to hide from forever.

The Two-Time Trump Voters Who Have Had Enough

“Now that he is a convicted felon, he’s completely unfit.”

Leavitt to Newsmax: People 'See Truth' About Biden

Karoline Leavitt, national press secretary for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, said it's "insulting" for the White House to push fiction about altered video clips of President Joe Biden's missteps and stumbles, and that Americans can see the…

Why California Is Swinging Right on Crime

Viral videos and their outraging, perception-changing, galvanizing effects may have propelled both outraged skepticism of tough-on-crime tactics and the backlash to it.

Former Army Col. Eugene Vindman is projected to win the Democratic primary for an open seat...

Biden's Big Immigration Gamble

The president is trying to have it both ways. Will it work?

Eugene Vindman, Key Trump Whistle-Blower, Wins House Primary in Virginia

Yevgeny Vindman, who raised alarms about then-President Donald J. Trump’s conduct toward Ukraine, will stand for Abigail Spanberger’s seat in Congress as a Democrat.

Media's Great Awokening Is Alienating the Masses

Audiences are fed up with newspapers, Hollywood and Big Tech all singing from the same woke hymn sheet.

Senate Passes Bill to Support Advanced Nuclear Energy Deployment

The Senate on Tuesday passed a bill to accelerate the deployment of nuclear energy capacity, including by speeding permitting and creating new incentives for advanced nuclear reactor technologies.

The Constitution as a Force for Unity

On Yuval Levin’s excellent new book.

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, is the projected winner of...

Recycling Plastic Is a Dangerous Waste of Time

The recycling industry—and the world at large—has yet to fully reckon with a bombshell study that dropped last year.

Neil Goldschmidt, Portland Mayor Who Abused Teenager, Dies at 83

While he was reviving Portland, Ore., as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly city, he was also sexually abusing a teenage girl over three years, he later admitted.

NYC Council members urge city to provide IVF coverage for gay male employees

New York City lawmakers are urging Mayor Eric Adams to extend health care coverage for in vitro fertilization to gay male municipal employees who are denied that benefit.

What’s Left on the Supreme Court’s Docket

We will likely get at least five or six opinions this week — maybe as many as nine.

Israel on the ballot in Westchester as activists slam 'Squad' incumbent amid reported photo flap

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, the "Squad member" and former principal, continues to be under fire for his stance on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Jim Jordan threatens to subpoena NY AG Letitia James over ex-DOJ official on Trump hush-money case

Rep. Jim Jordan threatened NY Attorney General Letitia James with "compulsory process" if she doesn't provide details on prosecutor Matt Colangelo.

Vapid Antiwar-ism

Since 7 October, Nicholas Kristof has produced a torrent of outraged testimony that betrays a refusal to grapple with the world as it is.

Margins of Error

Look closely at almost anything and you'll find data—lots of it. But what are those numbers really saying about who we are and what we believe? Harry Enten is on a mission to find out.

Should Hundreds of Millions in Seized Assets Go to ISIS Victims?

The State and Justice Departments disagree about what to do with more than half a billion dollars after a French company pleaded guilty to aiding militants in war-torn Syria.

Beware the Cato Tax Plan

It would be politically suicidal.

Mayor Adams Is Not a Mask Fan

How Did Republican Women End Up Like This?

The baffling, contradictory demands of being female in the party of Donald Trump.

Trump-backed candidate wins Virginia’s Republican Senate primary to take on Tim Kaine

Hung Cao won the Republican nomination for Senate in Virginia on Tuesday and will take on Sen. Tim Kaine in November.

THIS Is Why San Francisco Is Dying

The Choice

Should Jewish students accept the mantle of a marginalised group or reject DEI ideology altogether?